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Alternative Gallery
A non-profit community art space focusing on outsider art including film, animation, stand-up & more. The building features 2 performance spaces, 45 artist studios, a coffee shop, video store, print shop, darkroom, wood shop & classroom. Our shows are all ages. No BYOB, complementary drinks with suggested donation are available. booking [at] thealternativegallery [dot] com
Last Updated 21 February 2017


Tape Swap Radio
I'm a part of Shards Recording Studio in Bethlehem PA which is the home of Tape Swap Radio, a live event and video series. We book shows under our name throughout the year and also were given a venue by the city at which we host benefit shows quarterly. If bands are coming through but it doesn't line up with our events, we can do a live performance, interview, and video shoot at my studio (or a local rooftop!), which airs on our local NPR affiliate 88.1 WDIY. This is a great way to get new artists coming through town and leaving with content as well as mingling with some of the local bands here. This is all free of course, my studio is commercial but these sessions are done just for the sake of DIY. We can be reached at info [at] tapeswapradio [dot] com
Last Updated 08 June 2021


electroFLUX experimental music series
An ongoing series of events showcasing experimental music (electronic / noise / jazz / post / 'new' / improvised / etc.) at a variety of venues. Contact via FB (linked above).
Last Updated 29 July 2019


Other Resources: Graftsalts DIY

Little Amps Coffee Roasters
We are a coffee roaster with 2 small coffee shops in Harrisburg. Cozy space, 40 standing capacity, early shows typically 7-9 pm, 2-3 band bills, loud rock & roll is ok & appreciated, on the way to anywhere on the east coast. booking [at] littleampscoffee [dot] com
Last Updated 19 April 2018

Programs monthly underground / independent / avant-garde film screenings & occasional sound events. We are volunteer operated & use various spots around the city for film & sound events. info [at] moviate [dot] org / Josh [at] moviate [dot] org
Last Updated 17 September 2019


Archie's Bigheads [21+]
A music venue & bar not too far outside of Philadelphia. We are looking to host national touring acts as well as local music & art shows. We will provide as much as we can. Possibly food & a place to crash. We will work with booking agencies or indivial artists. archiesbooking [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 15 April 2018


The Hazleton Art League
An art organization that runs DIY shows twice a month. Shows can be any day except for the first weekend of the month. We also host a seasonal open mic. All genres are welcome, but we do not tolerate any kinds of hate speech or bigotry. teddandthehazards [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 29 July 2019


Animal House Productions
A music booking production company based out of Lancaster, Harrisburg & surrounding cities. Booking events in various venues & spaces of numerous genres. Setting up shows on week days & weekends. Email us within 60 days prior to the date in question. Include your electronic press kit at ryan [at] animalhouseproductions [dot] com
Last Updated 21 June 2019

Lancaster East Side Market
We have a space with a DIY ethos & we organize events. We're an outdoor farmers market with a DIY ethos. We have live music every Sunday, June through October. contact [at] lancastereastsidemaket [dot] com
Last Updated 25 April 2019

Speed of Sound Productions
We book shows throughout Lancaster County - primarily alt rock, folk, indie type shows but are open to anything. chartman [at] speedofsoundproductions [dot] net or 7one7 - 38one - 0one22
Last Updated 29 July 2019

Lehigh Valley

Other Resources: LV Shows


Steadman Studios @ Mansfield University of PA
Student-run recording studio / record label in Northern PA. We're looking for artists to record live sessions (full band or acoustic). We also host an annual festival in the spring. You can watch our Facebook (linked above) for updates & opportunities. Please email steadmanstudiosmansfield [at] gmail [dot] com for info on how to submit for consideration.
Last Updated 23 February 2017


Other Resources: My Basement is a Shithole

4333 Collective
4333 started off as an outlet to organize basement shows off of Rowan University’s campus but has now out grown into the Philadelphia DIY community. I book at several venues around the city - mostly all ages! Contact 4333collective [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 25 June 2021

Banshee Productions
We book DIY shows for mainly emo, indie, punk & rock styles. Please don't send us a Facebook message, email us at bansheephl [at] gmail [dot] com.
Last Updated 31 March 2017

Cruel World Collective
A booking collective. cruelworldcollectivepa [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 31 January 2019

Jeff Hiltner
Currently doing booking at a bar / venue called The Fire. firephilly [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 29 July 2019

The Hook
Right now we're just a DIY magazine that throws events / shows / manages. Soon we should have our own basement! emilythehookjournal [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 27 April 2017

Hush House
We're a DIY house venue in South Philly called Hush House. We're located a few blocks from Pharmacy. The best way to reach us is to contact Jackie at: hushhousetelevision [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 22 January 2020

Kitsch Magik
A small digital & tape label. We put out limited editions of Rap, Experimental, Noise, Power Electronics, HNW, Black Metal, Techno releases & many more. We also book shows & put together two Noise fests a year Oktober Hexfest & Eastcoast Noisefest. If you need help booking the above genres we would love to get in touch. kitschmagik [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 04 December 2017

coffee // gallery // music. altundergroundhq [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 29 July 2019

Local producer/musician who can offer: (1) a safe comfortable place to stay on tour (1 queen air mattress + very short couch + lots of floor space for yr air mat/sleeping bag(s)) w/ free food + coffee + shower, (2) studio time (nothing crazy high-end except for one bangin’ preamp/compression chain, but good enough for yr lofi indie pop single), (3) philly booking contacts. aaron [dot] sternick [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 04 January 2020


Other Resources:, Helpin' Aht!: Not-for-profit record label/mutual aid org

Bunker Projects
An artist residency program & experimental gallery devoted to building a living laboratory for artists. With an exhibit of new works opening every First Friday of every month, we aspire to challenge artists to fully immerse in the creative process & break new ground; connect collectors & artists through personal interaction; & inspire artists to interact with the community in new & unexpected ways.
Last Updated 21 February 2017

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - South Side
Public restrooms, water fountains, free computer access, outlets to charge electronics, comfortable seating.
Last Updated 21 February 2017

Inverted Music
I sporadically book at odd & end warehouses/ galleries/ bars etc. I am most interested in & able to book punk, experimental, metal, performance art, dance music, hip-hop, soul, post-punk, goth, poetry, & aggressive acoustic music. I mostly book my own touring friends & contacts but I can at least share contacts.
Last Updated 29 July 2019

The Mr. Roboto Project
Volunteer-run DIY venue & event space. We are a sober & all-ages venue & we generally follow safer space practices. We also have an extensive zine library. Roboto takes 25% of door sales (with a minimum of $50) for members & 35% of door sales (with a minimum of $65) for nonmembers. We will often host benefit shows & political gatherings free of charge. Roboto does not book shows, so bands will have to find a local promoter before we will confirm any date or respond to requests. Theres a list of local promoters on our website (linked above). For general questions email roboto [dot] info [at] For booking requests email roboto [dot] booking [at]
Last Updated 27 January 2017


Gnome Hutch
We are a small group of friends throwing all-ages shows in our basement and on an outdoor stage. Gnome Hutch located in a mixed commercial and residential suburb of Reading, PA. A middling quality backline is available, and touring musicians are welcome to stay the night after playing. All donations go to the performers. Visit our website for more information and email gnomehutch [at] musician [dot] org to contact the promoter.
Last Updated 27 September 2021

West Chester

Fenn's Coffee
An intimate all ages space above a coffee shop in the heart of town. We only have shows on Saturdays. fennsbooking [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 08 February 2017

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