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Michael McClelland Taxi Services
Happy to lend advice or put on tours/shows for anyone who falls into the weirdo / outsider / fringe box. Have car can travel etc. michaelm2391 [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 08 January 2017

Papaiti Records
Free record label & bootleg archive. James from Papaiti also organises shows & tours of NZ. Happy to help you with tips on spaces, where to book, gear & promotion - a general how-to of NZ - etc. james [at] papaiti [dot] com
Last Updated 25 March 2019


Melted Ice Cream
Record label collective. Caters towards weirder stuff, check out the bandcamp (linked above) to see if ya fall in line with our general mentality. We sometimes do tours. (And since we only release NZ bands, don't send us random MP3s or bandcamps or soundcloud links all the time, or ever.) meltedicecreamier [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 21 March 2019


Hamilton Underground Press
Helps bands play shows. We book the venue, promote the show (online, local posters, podcasts), hook up support bands, look after running the venue on the night - sound/door etc. & make sure bands are looked after & get paid. Preferred genre is indie / alternative / acoustic. Chur! hamiltonundergroundpress [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 21 March 2019

Zeal Hamilton
All ages venue mainly focused on empowering youth through creative arts. Two performance spaces to choose from depending on audience size. Full backline included. We can promo your event too & can help with the rest of your North Island tour too. jared [at] zeal [dot] org [dot] nz
Last Updated 08 January 2017

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