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I'd love to include info about other countries.
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Punks & Criminals: Publicity, Booking, Presence
Electric cello swerves and jumps around beat boxing and electric piano in this Quirky Pop.!!
JE double F
Old tapes and books for sale.

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Hear Nebraska


I have been working on bringing live music to various communities in Nebraska, from large to small communities. Thus far the events I have organized since 2009 have been well received and have included bands/artists from Asia, Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Canada and more than twenty USA states. I can promise you a good time, ‘usually’ a place to sleep (arranged in advance), and a good crowd, achieved through promotion cooperation of all bands included on the bills for events of which I choose to organize. For purposes of intent and reliability, it is ‘suggested’ that you send a personal e-mail. *this opportunity is efficient for those along the route or nearby, particularly those on tour, and also bands in and around Nebraska. I am willing to work with diverse independent music styles. I request that you contact me at least 35 or more days in advance of the dates you are requesting, to dedicate at minimum 1 to 2 dates for playing Nebraska. I am willing to work several months in advance upon request. I am able to do events on almost any day of the week. Those contacting on less than 35 days in advance are still welcome to contact me however availability for short notice shows might be tricky. Oh! and I also throw a summer festival in Omaha, Nebraska, that has been going strong since 2009. The best way for people to reach me – sending an e-mail to me c/o --In all contact please include a phone number, e-mail, link(s), and the live music date(s) you are requesting, all details should be verbalized/written in a clear cut manner.
Last Updated 07 May 2014


We have a nice, colorful basement for shows of all styles! Good PA available. We can usually offer lodging. All your friends will say, "Shoot been to 2Smoov?!" Contact: or
Last Updated 07 May 2014

The Tree House
A house venue open to hosting and promoting touring acts coming through our area once to twice a month. We can find other locals if needed and flyer for shows we book. We don't charge a cover but do past around a hat and have an area for merch. If lodging is needed after the gig we have a couch, two love seats and a carpeted floor. For more information email Colby at, cheers.
Last Updated 13 June 2014

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