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Arcata CA, USA, Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair

London, England, Queer Zine Fest London

London, England, Weirdo Zine Fest

Milwaukee WI, USA, Riverwest Fem Fest

Oakland CA, USA, Bay Area Queer Zine Fest


Melbourne VIC, Australia, Festival of the Photocopier

Santa Cruz CA, USA, Zine Fest

St Cloud MN, USA, Zine Fest


Austin TX, USA, Lone Star Zine Fest

Boise ID, USA, Treefort Music Fest

Chicago IL, USA, Zine Fest

Los Angeles CA, USA, Zine Fest

Los Angeles CA, USA, Zine Melt

Madison WI, USA, Kitsch-as-Kitsch-can

Nacogdoches TX, USA, Nac-o-Nowhere Fest

New York NY, USA, Feminist Zinefest

Omaha NE, USA, Zine Fest

Seattle WA, USA, Magma Fest


Berkeley CA, USA, Gilman Zine Fest

Beverly MA, USA, Massachusetts Feminist Zine Fest

Durham NC, USA, Zine Machine

Easthampton MA, USA, After The Gig Fest

Edmonton AB, Canada, Resilience Festival

Glasgow, Scotland, Zine Fest

Long Beach CA, USA, Zine Fest

Miami FL, USA, West Kendall Zine Fest

New York NY, USA, Anarchist Book Fair

Oakland CA, USA, Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

Portland OR, USA, Amp Fest

Sheffield, England, Zine Fest

Trenton NJ, USA, PRFM


Asheville NC, USA, Zine Fest

Berlin, Germany, Carnival of Subculture

Chattanooga TN, USA, Zine Fest

Corvallis OR, USA, Sinking Pop Fest

Denver CO, USA, Fem Fest

Edmonton AB, Canada, Zine Fair

London, England, DIY Cultures Fair

Manchester, England, Northwest Zine Fest

Montreal QC, Canada, Anarchist Book Fair

Orange County CA, USA, Anarchist Bookfair

Ottawa ON, Canada, Zine Fair

Ottawa ON, Canada, Ravenswing

Victoria BC, Canada, Pretty Good Not Bad


Bath NH, USA, Shuffle Fest

Chicago IL, USA, Alternative Comics Expo

Denver CO, USA, Zine Fest

Detroit MI, USA, Ultra Mega Awesome Extreme

Dowelltown TN, USA, Idapalooza

Honolulu HI, USA, Hawaii Zine Fest

Rocky Mountain House AB, Canada, FrogFest

Lancaster PA, USA, Zine Fest

Milwaukee WI, USA, Filth Fest


Orlando FL, USA, Zine Fest

Ottawa ON, Canada, OXW

Scranton PA, USA, Zine Fest

Sydney NSW, Australia, Anarchist Bookfair

Tauranga, New Zealand, Zinefest

Vancouver BC, Canada, Music Waste


Ann Arbor MI, USA, A2 Float Fest

Atlanta GA, USA, Zine Fest

Berlin, Germany, Entzaubert Queer Film Festival

Bethlehem PA, USA Lehigh Valley Zine Fest

Brooklyn NY, USA, Pete's Mini Zine Fest

Charleston NC, USA, Zine Fest

Grand Rapids MI, USA, Zine Fest

Montreal QC, Canada, Slut Island Festival

Orange County CA, USA, Zine Fest

Pomona CA, USA, Zinefest

Portland OR, USA, Portland Zine Symposium

San Francisco CA, USA, Kiosk Fest

Tijuana BS, Mexico, Feria de Publicaciones Independientes

Vilnius, Lithuania, Queer Zine Fair

Washington DC, USA, Zinefest

Winnipeg MB, Canada, Real Love Summer Fest


Cleveland OH, USA, Imprint Zine & Arts Fair

Columbus OH, USA, FemFest

El Paso TX, USA, First Year Fest

Leeds, England, Zine Fest

Lethbridge AB, Canada, Flip Fest

Melbourne VIC, Australia, Anarchist Bookfair

Minot ND, USA, Why Not?!? Fest

Oakland CA, USA, The Universe is List

Providence RI, USA, Anarchist Bookfair

Sackville NB, Canada, SappyFest

St Malo MB, Canada, Rainbow Trout Music Festival

Seattle WA, USA, Anarchist Book Fair

Vancouver BC, Canada, Shout Back! Festival

Wells BC, Canada, Artswells


Arlington TX, USA, Frame4Frame

Auckland, New Zealand, Zinefest

Berlin, Germany, Mini Queer Zinefest

Denver CO, USA, Titwrench

Exeter Devon, England, Base Camp

Kansas City MO, USA, Zine Con

Lexington KY, USA, Kentucky Fried Zine Fest

London, Ontario, Canada Zineography

Minneapolis MN, USA, Twin Cities Zine Fest

New York NY, USA, Black Lesbian DIY Fest

North Bethesda MD, USA, Small Press Expo

Philadelphia PA, USA, Zine Fest

San Francisco CA, USA, Zine Fest

Växjö, Sweden, VXO Zine Fest

Victoria BC, Canada, Anarchist Bookfair & Festival of Anarchy


Albuquerque NM, USA, ABQ Zine Fest

Boston MA, USA, Zine Fest

Colorado Springs CO, USA, Pikes Peak Zine Fest

Houston TX, USA, Zine Fest

London, England, Gal-dem

London, England, Anarchist Bookfair

Madison WI, USA, Print & Resist Zine Fest

Olympia WA, USA, Zine Fest

Phoenix AZ, USA, Zine Fest

Pittsburgh PA, USA, Zine Fair

Redlands CA, USA, Inland Empire Zine Fest

Richmond VA, USA, Zine Fest

San Antonio TX, USA, Zine Fest

San Diego CA, USA, Zine Fest

Toronto ON, Canada, Queer Zine Fair

Winnipeg MB, Canada, Anarchist Bookfair & DIY Fest


Berlin, Germany, Zine Fest

Boston MA, USA, Anarchist Bookfair

Chicago IL, USA, Little Indie Press Festival

Edmonton AB, Canada, Zine Fair

Milwaukee WI, USA, Zine Fest

New Orleans LA, USA, Comics & Zine Fest

Seattle WA, USA, Short Run

Wellington, New Zealand, Zine Fest


Atlanta GA, USA, ATLAntiFest

Berkeley CA, USA, East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest

Cape Town, South Africa, Anarchist Bookfair

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Zine Fest

Lincoln NE, USA, Do-It-Ourselves Fest

New Orleans LA, USA, Bookfair

Oakland CA, USA, East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest

Reading, England, Radical Zine Fair

Seattle WA, USA, DIY Holiday Fair

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