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An ad hoc collection of digital DIY happenings during distancing, updated regularly.

Submit a DIY live stream event, collaboration (i.e. comp submission calls, benefit comps, songwriting collectives, etc), a space fundraising effort, or something else through this form.

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Heads up, Bandcamp is waiving revenue sharing on May 1st, June 5th & July 3rd- keep those dates in mind to support your favorite musicians!


Ongoing Gigs:

BARD BUMP - Saturdays at 8 PM EDT
Direct from Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, a weekly live stream of Bard student performances is taking place Saturday nights over at their instagram @bardbump
Last Updated 21 March 2020

Coping with Dystopia - Friday afternoons EDT
Coping with Dystopia has been hosting streams of a bunch of artists playing on their Instagram account, benefitting orgs like Isla: Immigration Services and Legal Advocacy and Prison Policy Initiative via their PayPal.
Last Updated 27 March 2020

DISTANT TOGETHER - Tuesdays at 7:30 PM London, 2:30 PM EDT, 11:30 PM PDT
Specialist Subject Records (@specialistsubject) is hosting transcontinental (!) shows on Tuesday nights, or afternoons, or mornings. Previous streams featured Radiator Hospital, Soot Sprite, Swanning, Kate Stapley, Freddy Fudd Pucker, Honey Pot, Ginger Alford, Rebecka Reinhard, Queen Of Jeans, Emily Isherwood, and The Goodbye Party. Starts at 7:30 PM UK, which is 2:30 PM EDT and 11:30am PDT. More details can be found at the link above.
Last Updated 29 April 2020

POST WORLD RADIO - Daily, Time varies, EDT
POST WORLD RADIO is hosting a daily artist-run live feed showcasing artists performing, practicing, conceptualizing, and creating from their remote quarantine locations.
Last Updated 21 March 2020

WINDOW ROOM TV - Daily, Time varies, EDT
Window Room is a space in southwest Philadelphia dedicated to multi-disciplinary and live art, broadcasting daily programming online throughout the pandemic. We ask (1) what do we need? (2) what is evolving? (3) why would things ever be the same?
Last Updated 8 April 2020

Upcoming Gigs:


21 Grams
Lena is interviewing various folx in the DIY community. She wants to shift the focus back to the process – whether that be sleepless nights, writing until your hands cramp, singing until you lose your voice, all or none of the above. Whatever your process, your journey looks like. She wants these stories from anyone willing to share their experiences. Art is important and DIY is a huge community. We need to support each other now more than ever, and she'd love to share a conversation with people if nothing else. Previous interviews can be found here and she can be contacted at the link above.
Last Updated 21 March 2020

Blue Lights Artists' Working Groups
Karl-Mary Akre and Ruby Mastrodimos are organizing weekly videochats to workshop your art with other emerging artists! A free (!) opportunity to help build a community for young women, gender non-conforming folx, and other artists of marginalized gender identities in the early stages of their careers.
Last Updated 26 March 2020

Covers comp for NYC venue workers!
Matt is looking for folks to contribute to a covers comp benefitting venue workers from trans-pecos and Market Hotel, both all-ages spaces, in NYC. You can contact him at mattsherm614 [at] gmail [dot] com.
Last Updated 21 March 2020

Living Window
Living Window is for passerbys--for those on their night walk; for the neighborhood; for a hyper-local audience: free, physical, contact-less public art to those who happen upon. We offer artists making work in moving image, video, animation and more an opportunity to submit work to be shown at Living Window in West Philadelphia, PA. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis. More info can be found at the link above.
Last Updated 8 April 2020

Quarantena Contigo
Anjali Rose Kumar and many artists of different countries have come together to release a mixtape called “Quarantena Contigo” to raise awareness and encourage folks to donate to causes that need funding due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It started as a therapeutic exercise, encouraging musicians to write and record a song to reflect upon the collective suffering this pandemic has brought. Soon, it evolved to an opportunity to invite cross continental collaboration and raise awareness as we are universally facing a recession. One fundraiser known as “Musicians Emergency Relief Fund” organized by the Brooklyn-based Sound Mind Collective is allocating micro grants to USA musicians (citizenship not required). We are also including fundraisers for public health initiatives, prison bailout, etc. Some of these songs are fresh, others are old but all have been sent and collected with the intention of spreading “life's vigor” as it flows through the creativity that is fostered when we write, record, or listen to someone’s music.
Last Updated 17 April 2020

DIY Space Fundraising Efforts

DIY Community Relief Fund
a collaborative fundraising effort by Seattle nonprofits, small businesses, and artists to save vital music and arts community spaces that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 in Washington and beyond. 100% of all proceeds support our most beloved unconventional venues and the gig & production workers that make them possible, a majority of which do not qualify for formal means of institutional support.
Last Updated 30 April 2020

Make.Shift's Bellingham Arts Community Relief - Bellingham, WA, USA
Make Shift is a hub of our scene in Bellingham not only because of our programs, the gallery, radio station, & venue but because of our tenants, all the bands that practice in our space and artists who work there. I want to do everything I can to ensure this organization is still around on the other side of this pandemic. This fund is aimed at helping Make.Shift cover it’s overhead costs, and provide support for those in the Bellingham arts and music community who have been financially impacted by COVID-19.
Last Updated 22 March 2020


Do DIY Recommended Reading
lots of zines and stuff to read.

a veritable punk museum! home to a looong-running diy radio program, among other rad things.

A Swamp Sister's Guide to How to Support DIY While Social Distancing
a quick, handy guide.

Past Gigs Archive:

The Ukulady's Live Stream - 20 March at 8 PM EDT & 21 March at 8 PM EDT
The Ukulady is campaigning for the downfall of evil! Join her all ages shows on her Facebook page on Friday and Saturday.

Equipment, Hospital Bracelet, Harmony Woods, Two Thumbs Down - 21 March at 7 PM EDT
Philly's Luigi's Mansion is hosting LuigiTV -- a stream of bands on via their IG. Join 'em this Saturday night on Instagram Live with 4 great sets from 4 great bands! Starting at 7PM sharp!

Coping with Dystopia - 20 March at 5 PM EDT
A full day of bands live streaming to your living room! Supporting Prison Policy Initiative via paypal.me/coping . Including Apes of the State, Johnny Terror, Tail Light Rebellion, A Boy and His Rats, Run Rabbit Run, Tedd Hazard, NPK, RENT STRIKE, Out of System Transfer, Matt Pless, The Rifleman LV, The Real McCoys, JUST PALS, Siddo, The Great Twitch, Yellow Sauce, HappyHappy, Cardboard Homestead, Days N Daze, Frankly Lost, and Party Marty

A S L - 20 March at 7 PM PDT
Livestreaming with all the homies tonight at 7pm PDT over @bobosoboboso on Instagram Live. Featuring Diners, Friend of My Youth, Mike Huguenor & Morgan Herrell (both from Hard Girls), Sim Castro, Nate Kavanaugh, Haley Maya, and Bob Vielma.

Mahayana Artist Stream #1 - Sunday 22 March 5:00 PM - Midnight PDT

Don Giovanni Records presents Going The Distance - Monday 23 March 1:00 PM EDT
On Monday, Don Giovanni Records will host Going The Distance, an all day online festival that will be streamed live via our Instagram account. Broadcasting from the comfort of their homes, 20 artists from across our roster will perform music, comedy, and who knows what else for YOU, who -- we hope -- will be listening from the comfort of your own home. The whole gang is going to be there: Downtown Boys, Noun, Worries, Bad Moves, DJ Haram, Mikey Erg, Teenage Halloween, Lee Bains, Jeffrey Lewis, Hprizm, Fat Tony, and many, many more. It'll kick off at 1pm EDT and run until at least 11:00 pm. All ages! Free to the public! Find details and the complete lineup at their website.

Brooklyn Drum Collective - Monday 23 March 7:30 PM EDT
The Brooklyn Drum Collective is an organization that brings aspiring and working musicians together to share valuable experience and knowledge. We host drum clinics, conduct workshops, repair venue backlines and perform live music. We also create a safe, inclusive environment for people to meet, learn and become involved in the local music community.

Hypagogue w/ His Hem, Posessed by Trains & Social Distance at The InBetween - Wednesday 25 March 7:00 PM EDT
A beautiful ambient treat visiting us all the way from Massachusetts, Hypagogue (@momentarysolitude) w/ His Hem (@hishemmusic), Posessed by Trains (@emilyturnagestunage) and Social Distance. ⁠This show will be closed to the public, but catch the live stream starting at ~7pm both on the Swamp Sister (@swampsister.fl) and InBetween's Instagram (@theinbetweengallery). ⁠You can also donate to artists while watching the livestream by throwing some $ towards our venmo: swampsister_fl .

Quarantine Dreams - Thursday 26 March 7 PM EDT
A special stream benefiting artists and staff of Alphaville in Brooklyn, NY. Featuring Liz Bowen, Carrie-Anne Murphy, Harms, Ash Hayes, Jenna Rose Igneri, Jamstanislaus Rex, Kristen Felicetti, Heather Rae Thompson, Tori Wolffe, Snakeskin, Hearts Beating in Time, Danielle Blau, Lauren Piper, and Eden Sela. All donations will be split between the performers and Alphaville staff.

Coping with Dystopia - Friday 27 March 6 PM EDT
A full day of bands live streaming to your living room! Supporting Isla: Immigration Services and Legal Advocacy via paypal.me/coping. Including She/Her/Hers, Bearknuckle Honey, Dirty Harry, Spud Bugs, Spyro the Human, Pigeon Pit, Austin Possum, Churches and Trains, Rob Taxpayer, Marissa., Smitten for Trash, and Erin Incoherent.

DIYD Quarantined 2 - Saturday March 28, 6 PM EDT
Do It Yourself Dummy is hosting their second Quarantined donation-based livestream from 6 to 11 PM EDT. Featuring Sourdoe, Awksymoron, Sam and Ire, Lucas Kando, Eel People, and Livtar.

TAKEOVER FEST - Saturday March 28, 3 PM EDT
A-F Records had to postpone ANTIFEST this Saturday, so they're adapting and bringing you TAKEOVER FEST. A round of their friends will be taking over their instagram one by one and playing songs, telling stories, answering Q&As, or whatever else they may have up their sleeves. Donations to the artists are being taken via their venmo @AFrecords

The Indie Rock Smoke Dungeon - Sunday 29 March, 7 PM EDT
The Indie Rock Smoke Dungeon is hosting their second Discord stream. Featuring Evan Stackhouse (Triage, Egg), Jessie McCormick, and courtlyn louise.

Weird Smells on IG Live - Wednesday 1 April & Thursday 2 April, Time varies EDT
A 2 day special online event! Featuring Boyo, Beauty Queen, Cheekface, Shep Treasure, Foilage, Stevie Dinner, Pinc Louds, Dolly Spartans, Joey Nebulous, I Experienced Love, Pen Palindrome, Glen Parks, Richard and the Singles, and more to be announced! The stream is free, but donations are highly recommended for each artist, who will have their separate PayPal/Venmo in the comments while playing their sets

Zine Making in the Cloud(s) - Wednesday 8 April 8 PM EDT
Irrelevant Press is hosting a collborative project by BUFU and China Residencies, making 8-fold mini zines (no materials required!) about anything that's on your mind via Zoom. At the end, zines will be traded and distributed digitally to participants. It’s going to be cute and nice and low stakes and time to connect and share together! Find the Zoom ID and password at the link above.

Chilltown Strong - Thursday 9 April 8 AM - 3 AM EDT
Uniting and serving our community through the power of music, Chilltown Collective brings you a 19-hour (!) Twitch live broadcast dedicated to showing support, love and gratitude to Jersey City medical personnel, first responders, restaurants, businesses, local artists, and you. We will be collecting monetary donations to provide food, protective personal equipment, and immunity boosting supplements to the Jersey City Medical Center, Christ Hospital, City MD's, and to the JCPD, JCFD and lab workers at both COVID-19 testing sites in Jersey City.

Anjali.Rose for Quarantunes - Friday 17 April 8 PM EDT
anjali.rose performs as part of the Shea Presents series. Tips can be sent via Venmo to program coordinator @emmaayres or PayPal to sheatheaterartscenter [at] gmail [dot] com.

DISTANT TOGETHER 6 - Tuesday 21 April 7:30 PM UK
Specialist Subject Records (@specialistsubject) is hosting a transcontinental (!) punk show with Radiator Hospital, Sulynn Hago (Propagandhi), Soot Sprite, Swanning, Kate Stapley, Freddy Fudd Pucker, and Honey Pot. Starts at 7:30 PM UK, which is 2:30 PM EDT and 11:30am PDT. More details can be found at the link above.

The Dude Ranch Presents - Thursday 30 April 8 PM EDT
Long Island's The Dude Ranch hosts smol data, fixtures, and lavender menace live on Instagram. It's a free gig, but donations of $5 are suggested to the emergency COVID relief fund for sex workers in NY.

From a Social Distance 12 - Saturday 2 May 1 PM PDT, 4 PM EDT
Special Moves performs a livestream -- not video -- as part of From a Social Distance's series of online shows.

Heinous Whining 6 - Saturday 2 May 7 PM London, 2 PM EDT
Blast some UK noise on a Saturday night (or afternoon) ! Featuring Neil Campbell and Shitcreek, Basic Switches, Ivy Nostrum, Forrest Friends, Erika Leaman, Error Control, Isn'tses, Carnivorous Plants, Hardworking Families, Namke Communications, and Ra2020rlight. We highly recommend going through the act descriptions at the FB link above. The stream will happen over on Twitch.

Booked By Grandma Presents - Friday 8 May 8 PM EDT
Brooklyn, NY's Booked By Grandma collective hosts Pom Pom Squad, Gobbinjr, Deer Scout, and Mallrat. A suggested donation from $1 to 10 can be made via Venmo @grandmashannon to get the Zoom meeting code.

Bud Tapes Live 2- Friday 8 May 5 PM PDT
Portland, OR tape label bringing you a bunch of PNW artists, TBA.

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