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Young Blood Booking
We organize shows for foreign hardcore bands. The scene here is not so well developed. We're still trying to make kids attend the shows. Despite the difficulties, however, we hope that one day we will finally make a change. Unfortunately, few people go to the concerts, if there are no local bands playing. This is something we wanna try and improve - to attract more new faces, young people to the gigs, hence - "Young Blood". We strongly believe the future of our scene lays in the hands of the kids. By the kids, for the kids! What we guarantee the bands we "work" with is: dinner, breakfast and a sleeping place. Usually we agree on DOOR DEAL, but we can also consider a different reasonable offer. We most definitely don't wanna profit from what we do. We just want to try and cover our expenses. We know its a cliché, but we wanna meet new people, help bands whichever way we can and have a good time with nice persons. Feel free to contact us with all the questions you have! Keep the spirit alive! youngxblood [at] abv [dot] bg
Last Updated 03 January 2017


Artificial Comet
Demo tape recordings, Radney Stanchev. Artificial Comet is a punk-rock band from Ruse & their members have been an active part in Bulgaria’s DIY community for a long time. They are also booking shows for both Bulgarian and international artists coming to the town. Contact radneyspot [at] yahoo [dot] com or debass [at] abv [dot] bg
Last Updated 8 March 2019


Bulgaria and Thailand based label for weird noises and experimental music. Booking shows of unconventional artists and noise makers since 2008. Contact via FB (linked above).
Last Updated 13 February 2019

DIY Conspiracy
International DIY hardcore punk zine. Booking shows since 2010 in many different venues. Looking forward for bands and artists with a strong DIY attitude and message with no restrains about the musical genre. diyconspiracy [at] riseup [dot] net
Last Updated 13 February 2019

Kontingent Records
Kontingent Records is a tape label based in Sofia, Bulgaria, also booking DIY shows. Contact via FB or email kontingentrecords [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 8 March 2019

Sofia Rebel Station
Hardcore punk webzine focusing on many underground genres including anarcho (peace)-punk, post punk, crust, dark wave, d-beat and grindcore. Non-frequently booking shows, big foreign names at least once a year and little DIY shows through the year. Contact via FB (linked above).
Last Updated 13 February 2019

Sofia Waste Water System
We are a crew of friends, that really lovey extreme music - our agenda is to make grind, death, thrash metal and punk shows in Sofia & to promote extreme music in every way possible through our page. Biggest shows till now - Extreme Noise Terror, Gutalax, The Arson Project, P.L.F and Leng T`che. Contact via FB (linked above) or email swwsbg [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 8 March 2019


Indignity is a Punk/HardCore band, established 1995 in Varna Bulgaria, still active to this day. Contact on FB (linked).
Last Updated 25 March 2019

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